It's April 9th, and exactly twenty-two years ago, one of the most beautiful women in the entire world was born. Her parents gave her the name Kristen Jaymes Stewart, and that little girl grew up to be my idol. I guess most people only think of her as "the girl who plays in Twilight", but to us Twihards, she's so much more than that! She's beautiful, smart, funny, sarcastic, genuine, sincere, nice, kind, awkward and real. She's so dedicated to what she does and always so sincere in her work. She's truly an inspiration, because she doesn't care about what others think. She doesn't go with the flow, but she keeps her feet on the ground and is just herself a hundered per cent. I think we all should learn from this gorgeous woman; do not care about the others! Do what you wanna do and be what you wanna be. As long as you're happy with yourself, nothing can change your mind. Anyways, I love Kristen Stewart to the bottom of my heart and I will be spending this day watching videos of her (and Taylor. THEY ARE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER AND I THINK I'M GONNA DIE). I thank God for bringing such a wonderful person into this world, and I swear; I'd do ANYTHING to meet her. That's, like, my dream. She's so perfect! And I just can't get over her and Taylor's relationship. I ship them so extremely hard, it literally hurts, but I don't even regret a single thing. But, yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTEN JAYMES STEWART! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Now go and marry Taylor so you can have beautiful babies ok buhbye.

BTW: Feel free to check out the photoset I made for her:


Kristen babyyy


Please, get married.

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