I know I've said that Jake's imprinting was good because he finally got happy. But there was this point where I came to thinking; did he really want this? No. Not at all. Jacob hated Renesmee as much as he hated Edward. And that's bad. He wanted to kill her, he wanted her dead, but instead, he's stuck with the urge to protect her and keep her happy all the time. He just loves her, all of a sudden. And he never wanted his feelings for Bella to go away, because he loved her. He truly did love her, and then it all got ruined. It seems like everything in his life is just crap, like, seriously.
It's like "I hate this thing, it has to die! KILLING TIME!" but suddenly it changes over to "Oh my god, my soulmate, I love you!". Poor guy. It wasn't his fault, so I don't blame him, but I don't like it much either.
I know I said I liked the imprinting, and that Jake and Nessie belong together, but hey - opinions can change, right?

I feel sorry for Jake. Poor thing.

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