My tummy is about to explode with butterflies.

My heart beats faster just thinking about it.

My mind can't seem to realize that this is really happening.

It's like, whenever my cousins had their confirmation (I've always been the youngest), I was always like "Oh, I can't wait until my confirmation!" and today, it's here. It's my turn now. :O Omg, in less than four hours, I will already be sitting there in the church, with the other guys, and our families behind us... I'm going to do this with my best friend, but I am 90 per-cent sure we will burst out in laughter when it's our turn. It's like, we just give each other this look, and suddenly we're laughing like crazy! I hope it doesn't happen, because we just CAN'T start laughing. I mean, smiles are okey, but laughing? Nuh-uh. We don't want any of that! Ahahah.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure this will be a great day, even though the sun doesn't seem to come out yet... But imma have a great time! Maybe I'll post some pictures later. :)

Wish me luck, guize! I really need it...

Breathe in, breathe out...


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