Edward Cullen: To me, Edward seems like a nice guy. He's very polite, and he seems kind, but I'm still not a fan. Why, you ask? Well, he's way too overprotective, and he's also way too dramatic. I know, I know, he's only like that because he's from the 20th century, but there's always a way to "adapt" the century you live in there and then. And, if he was human, and not a vampire, he would probably be a little more different.. 'Cause if he actually was seventeen in Twilight, and he aged, just like anybody else, and he was born in 1987/1988, he would probably not go around saying to his girlfriend "You are my life now", or tell her that big speech about how she shot across his sky like a meteor. But, Edward isn't human - he isn't normal. And that only makes him weird to me. But don't get me wrong, I don't hate Edward. I don't like him very much either, I may like him only a few times through the series. I think I'm somewhere inbetween those two; not hating, not liking. Get it?

Jacob Black: My first impression of Jacob was nothing much, actually. I just thought "Oh, he might be nice". But that was before I read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. When I started reading the rest of the series, I started to like Jacob more and more, and eventually, he became my favourite character. I think he's a very strong and loveable character. He fights for what he wants, and he's not giving up. He was there for Bella when Edward was gone in New Moon. He tried to convince her that she loved him too in Eclipse, and he was absolutely right about it. He tried to let Bella make her own choices in Breaking Dawn, always saying that he would leave, but he always came back to her, as a true friend. And I know that there's a bunch of Jacob-haters out there, who most likely disagree with me, but that's okay. I still love Jacob, and I am very defensive when it comes to him.
Oh, and many of you say that it's obnoxious that he imprinted on a baby, and that they are falling in love, but if you think like this, you haven't read the book good enough. Jacob Black and Renesmee Carlie Cullen do NOT fall in love. At least not in the book, it will probably happen when Renesmee comes of age. And besides, Jacob couldn't help it! Renesmee is his soulmate, and Jacob truly deserves to have his story end well, so accept it.

Well, that was my opinions... :-)

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