So, it's been confirmed that Mackenzie Foy is going to play Renesmee. Well, at least from SM.
Anyway, I think this will be very interesting, you know, to see a so young girl play such a demanding role. I think that it will be very hard, so I'm really excited to see the final outcome in a year or two.
But there are many people out there, who says that she is perfect for the role and all that, but that's not true. No one is perfect for that role, maybe not even CGI, 'cause Renesmee is so unique, that it's hard to come up with an exact "copy" of her. And besides, everyone has their own imagination about how she looks, so maybe Mackenzie is perfect to some of you. Not to me, though.
But like I said, it will be very interesting to see this beautiful young girl play the role, 'cause I think it will be pretty challenging. Not that I could do it better, though. (:

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