You see that little boy? Yeah, his name was Christoffer. He was born September 18th 1996. He was a very energetic, happy kid throughout the short eight years he lived. Yes, you've read correct. He was only eight years old when he died. Why, do you ask? His mom divorced his father and got together with this new dude. They both started abusing him in the most cruel way you could ever imagine. The worst part is, no one had the courage to stand up for him. He was all alone. Let down by everyone. The abuse caused his little, precious life to end. Way, way too early. Once, he was asked how he had gotten all the bruises and marks. His answer? "I think you understand it yourself."

This is heartbreaking. His life was taken away from him so brutally, so early. He never got the chance to live. Now, his grandparents are fighting for justice. To give Christoffer the justice he deserves, even though he's fallen into an eternal sleep.

What broke my heart the most, was that he was supposed to be my age at this day. He was born 20 days before me. Imagine that... The boy you had heard of, but never really known much about, was exactly your age. It totally broke my heart.

February 2nd 2005, Christoffer was found dead in his bed. His life was not to be saved.

Rest in peace, little Christoffer. Your precious life was way too short for you to be forgotten.

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