Go Team TANYA! ;)

Okay,whenever I read Bedward fanfictions,in every one of them,there is a bitch called Tanya who tries to ruin their relationship and I am always like "What the hell???" Why the hell is she shown as a manipulative slut who can go to any limits to get something she wants??But peeps,she is exactly the opposite.Bedward fans might call her a slut or a whore for making a move on Edward and for being a succubus.But hey,Irina and Kate were one too so why does anyone not critcize them?(Not that I am asking them to)Doesn't a girl has the right to express her feelings to the boy she she loves??She expressed her feelings toward Edward and he(unfortunately) declined,so she got over them.And some people,when they see other Denali couples,they are like"Aww!".They are together because they expressed their feellings.If they had kept their mouth shut,they wouldn't have ended up together.If Edward had accepted,they could have been a couple too and then people would have "Aww"-ed on them too.Tanya is a strong and independent woman.She doesn't need someone like Edward to control her.Personelly,I am so damn happy she isn't with him.She deserves better.Way better.Tanya is a hell of a great woman and no one has the right to criticize her without knowing her.I LOVE her and she is 100 + times better han Bella-Mary Sue-Swan.Stop being so hypocritical,people!

P.S.-I was just voicing my opinions.Please don't hate me for this.

With a Jacob hug,

TeamJakeward1402 10:06, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

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