I was reading the newspaper the other day(Mind you it was a fashion daily),and I read this report saying"Pattinson loved DDLJ". DDLJ(Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)(The Big Hearted Will Take The Bride) is actually a Bollywood movie starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol and it was Super-duper hit. And I was very happy that he watches Bollywood movies. The story was very romantic and mushy ushy types and the ind of movie I love and it has a typical Bollywood movie ending. The story is:Raj and Simran live in London. Both Indians. Simran is traditional Indian girl while Raj is a spoilt brat.The two meet,fight,fall in love.Then there are problems.Simran getting married to another guy,father not approving of Raj but the climax is always happy.I love it and do you know what??The film was released in 1995.I was not even born and my parents were not married.HUH.!!I am very happy that atleast Rob watches Bollywood Movies though Shah Rukh Khan is not my personnel favorite.


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge(The Big Hearted Will Take The Bride)

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