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  • I live in Incredible India in Asia on Planet Earth in Solar System in Milky Way in The Universe :)
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is Being a crazy and obsessive Twilight moron(Did I just call myself a moron?Yes,I did)
  • I am so weird that if you come near me and my weirdness,you'll be the weirdest of the weird.Weird?
  • TeamJakeward1402

    What the hell is wrong with me? I missed Abduction....again.It is the third time it is happening to me.I have been waiting sooooo long for this movie.Taylor is looking like sooooo sexy in the movie adn Ican't resist but the hell,I missed it again.It was on TV on a local cable channel at 8 at night.And I was busy watching daily soaps and I didn't even care to surf through the channels.So stupid of me.And at about 09:45,my best friend called to tell tha Abduction AND Twilight were on and I was like "Holy shit!" I grabbed the remote and switched the channels in half a second but I only saw 15 minutes of the movie.I like literally screamed.It happened to me before because my same freind watched it before me and she didn't even know about the m…

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  • TeamJakeward1402

    Okay,whenever I read Bedward fanfictions,in every one of them,there is a bitch called Tanya who tries to ruin their relationship and I am always like "What the hell???" Why the hell is she shown as a manipulative slut who can go to any limits to get something she wants??But peeps,she is exactly the opposite.Bedward fans might call her a slut or a whore for making a move on Edward and for being a succubus.But hey,Irina and Kate were one too so why does anyone not critcize them?(Not that I am asking them to)Doesn't a girl has the right to express her feelings to the boy she she loves??She expressed her feelings toward Edward and he(unfortunately) declined,so she got over them.And some people,when they see other Denali couples,they are like"A…

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  • TeamJakeward1402

    Some news!

    February 1, 2012 by TeamJakeward1402

    Normal:-My views

    Italics:-The news report

    I was reading the newspaper and I found an article about Breaking Dawn.I agree to it but disagree to it as well.Here it is :-


    The film caters to the sexual fantasies of teenage girls,but it doesn't break new grounds

    Reviews for Twilight:Breaking Dawn-Part 1 have been gleeful in their derision,it reminds one that critics love nothing better than a chance to sneer.Edward looks like a marble statue covered in talc,only now he's in shorts!The wolves argue with each other in English,not even in wolf-talk,which is just silly!And let's face it,if you're going to have caesarean,it's not a good idea to have vampires in t he room.But if Twilight is so awful,why do we invest so much…

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  • TeamJakeward1402

    I was sittting at home and I was getting really,really bored.So I thought I'd click photographs of the stuff I did in my diary and show it to everyone around here....So]] 09:52, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TeamJakeward1402

    You know you grew in India....

    1) You know the words to ‘Scooby dooby doo’ and ‘akkad-bakkad’ by heart.;)

    2) You have read at least some Chacha Chaudhary or Tinkle comic.:D

    3) You’ve watched on TV at least once in your life. B-)

    4) You couldn’t wait to start 5th standard so you could start writing with PENS instead of with pencils.;)

    5) You couldn’t wait for it to be December so you could have the Toblerone chocolates your NRI relatives brought you.

    6) You watched Cartoon Network.

    7) You watched corny dubbed versions of Oswald

    8) You were THRILLED when McDonald’s opened in your neighborhood (or even eight kilometers away)

    9) A visit to Pizza Hut used to mean a special treat.

    10) You have seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun at least 5 ti…

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