Edward gets killed by the Volturi because Alice and Bella were too late, and then Bella dies too, because she asked Aro to change her and then he went into a frenzy and killed her. Alice, Felix(Who had a crush on Bella) and Demetri(He had a crush on Alice) kill Aro. Caius then attacks Alice, resulting in Demetri, Felix and Marcus(He didn't want to be in the Volturi) killing Caius. Then Marcus runs off. Then all the Cullens and wolf pack come, and Seth imprints on Jane and Kylie(A new wolf) imprinted on Alec. Then Alice hugs Jasper and Demetri got so jealous he attacked Jasper, but stopped when Alice told him that she did like him, but she'd loved Jasper before she'd even met him. Then Leah imprinted on Demetri. Then Alice, Jasper and the rest of the Cullens and Jacob think "Oh well." about Edward and Bella dying. Then Carlisle asks Heidi if she wanted to join the Cullens, which she accepted when Embry imprinted on her. Then Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Jacob, Kylie, Alec, Jane, Seth, the rest of the wolf pack, Heidi, Demetri and Felix went to Forks, and Alec, Jane, Heidi, Demetri and Felix join the Cullens. Then Kylie and Leah get pregnant with half-vampire and half-shape-shifter babies. When the kids are born, Kylie calls Alec and hers baby Ally and Leah calls her and Demetri's baby Alex. Then the fight in Eclipse doesn't happen, but Santiago, Renata, Athendora, Sulpicia, Chelsea, Afton and Corin and lots of new vampires come, saying they want Alec, Jane, Heidi, Demetri and Felix to come back to their new 'Volturi', where Chelsea, Athendora and Sulpicia are the leaders. Then Marcus comes, saying he is the rightful leader to the Volturi. He becomes the top leader, but renames them Voltiara(Vol-Tiara). Then they go back to Volterra. Alex becomes a wolf at the age of 10, and he imprints on his best friend Ally. Then Sam and Emily's daughter Mya is imprinted on by Brady and Kim ans Jared's daughter Lily is imprinted on by Collin. Alex and Ally have twins when they are eighteen, Romeo and Juliet, and Juliet gets imprinted on by Jacob and Romeo grows up to be a wolf and imprints on Mya and Brady's daughter Alisa. Then he series ends after all the vampires/shape-shifters/hybrids move to Alaska, near the Denalis.

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