How can all of us major Twihards say goodbye to a series that we have loved since it's beginning? As a Twilight fan it's hard for me to say goodbe to this amazing series that I love.Me and my best friend became friends because we both love Twilight and we're both on Team Edward.There's so many things I'm going to miss about the Twilight series,Charlie making me laugh in every movie,Esme's motherly love,Carlisle's fatherly wisdom and most of all Edward's and Bella's love story.When I feel down about not having a love life my best friend always say to me "One day you'll find your Edward Cullen in his shiny Volvo" I think all of us Twihards want a love story like theirs,meet our own Edward Cullen in his shiny Volvo.Eventhough now I have to keep my love for Twilight a secret from my family,well my mom's side of the family since their all major Christians and think Vampires are all evil and stuff,I'm not ashamed to say I'm a Twihard.Like they say ? good things must to come to an end,sadly it's Twilight's turn.To all the Twihards around the world,lets not cry because a thing that we love has ended let's be glad because we got enjoy this amazing series.

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