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About me!! and Friends?

Hi my name is TeamEmbry 24x7 but u could call me vivien all you need to know about me is i like to make friends, and sometimes for that i feel like a shoker! :( and i also really like the twilight series, i am a big fan of twilight !!!! <3 :) thats all i really got so if u have any questions ask me and i will reply :)

if you want to be my friend don't be afraid to ask because i love to make friends and i would love to be your friend. there will always be someone that wont like me but not everyone likes others! i have been told by my friends that i am really funny and a good person to hang out with and that i am not a hating person saying stuff about people i don't even know and causing fights i like to get to know people for who they are becausde we are all unice people we are all different and i believe that everyone can be friends if they all wanted to!!!! <3 :)

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