Well I just happened to stumble upon this while on SMeyer's site. It's her ideas for cast in the Twilight film. Most of her ideas didn't make it into the movies, but some of her ideas actually ended up getting cast, but as a different character, so I'm only gonna put those up here. Oh and the rest of them can he viewed here.

Daniel Cudmore (Fitty)
Okay, so she was thinking Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Cullen. I think that's pretty good, I mean he has the abs! Plus his hair is already dark and curly, and he looks older than to be high school but could fit in. But Daniel ended up portraying Felix from the Volturi.
She was thinking Graham Greene for Billy Black, I think that he would be good also, but he looks too old to have a 16 year old sun. But other than that, with make-up he could've pulled it off. In the end he played Harry Clearwater.
Robert Pattinson 68

This one is surprising, she actually had Robert Pattinson for Edward. Although he is put under 'Most popular suggestions' instead of 'My favourite suggestions' But still he was there. She wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward, and still says that he is the only one she ever thinks could pull it off perfetctly, although she ruled him out due to his age, he was 24 in 2007 compared to Robert being 21. But interesting because he actually got the part.

Majorly surprising! She had Jackson Rathbone down under her top 4 favourites -based on looks- to play Edward. I haven't really ever seen Jackson so I would say based on looks he wouldn't be right for Edward, but she's the author and I guess he looks like Edward in her mind. Anyway, he turned out to play Jasper Hale, Edwards adoptive brother.

Well what do you think about these? Do you think they could've pulled of the different roles?

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