Okaay, I'm bored and so I decided to make a quiz on the Saga.

Please don't use the internet or the wiki, I want it to be fair.

Each question is worth different points, I'll add 'em up and say who's the winner later.

1) What is Bella's middle name? (2 points)

2) What type of flower is on the New Moon book cover? (5 points)

3) What was Edward's birth mother's name? (1 point)

4) Who portrayed Riley Biers in the Eclipse movie? (1 point)

5) What is Edward's favourite animal to eat? (1 point)

6) What colour is Sam Uley's fur when in wolf form? (1 point)

7) Who is apart of Jacob's pack? (1 point for each member correct)

8) What country was Isle Esme filmed on? (1 point)

9) What is Quil's nickname for Claire? (2 points)

10) Which member from the Volturi killed Bree? (1 point)

11) What does this picture show? (5 points)

What does this mean

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