Ok so I'm reading the books for the 3rd time and I still haven't worked it out!! Is Aro pronounced Are-o or Air-o? It's annoying. Stephenie Meyer and Michael Sheen (Aro's actor) says Air-o but Felix in the movie says Are-o

Please help

It already took the first time to read the books to realise that Esme is Es-mae not Es-meame

And the second time to realise that Caius was Kai-us not Kay-us

And then searching on here to find out that Nahuel was Nah-well not Naah-you-ell

Oh and also is Uley like Sam Uley is that pronounced You-ley or Ul-ley?

Because I just finished watching New Moon and realised that Bella says You-ley but I could have sworn that it was Ul-ley

See I'm like hopeless at pronounciations so pleassse help

Pretty please with a cherry on top

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