I'm just wondering, what actors do you think should play what people in Breaking Dawn? Apart from the obvious like Robert Pattinson for Edward and Kristen Stewart for Bella.

I'm thinking at the moment:

Drew Roy- Nahuel. He is rumored to be portraying Nahuel, but if you look at his photos I think he could pull it off.

Josh Holloway- Garrett. I saw his picture on facebook and he looks exactly like I pictured Garrett in my head. Except my Garrett looked a bit younger........

Isla Fisher- Tanya. Puddinginthesky suggested that under comments. I agree, I looked her up on google images and she looks like Tanya would I think, they just need to make her hair a bit more strawberry blondish. Oh and maybe if her face wasn't as round

Taylor Kitsch- Garrett. I came across his picture on twitter, I mean just look him up he looks exactly like the book describes him. Same hair, age, build. In my opinion he is perfect!

Even Rachel Wood- Tanya. She physically looks like her, they just need to colour her hair.

Gasper Ulliel- Nahuel. I saw him on a list of hot men (I was looking up Robert Pattinson on Google if your wondering why I was looking at a list of hot men :P) But I think with some hair colouring and a bit of a spray tan he could pull it off.

What's your opinion?

Do you agree with me?

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