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March 25, 2010
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    Hi again lol

    Here's another question....

    Would you rather be a Vampire or would you rather be a Warewolf???

    I would rather be a Vampire


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    Hi everyone me again and I have another 2 questions lol

    1. Which is everyone's fave book out of the saga?

    2. Who thinks that Midnight Sun is going to be a good book?

    For me My fave book is Eclipse

    and I think that Midnight Sun is going to be good because I like all of the others lol


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    Hi Everyone again

    I have another question for every single person that is on Twilight Wiki

    It is one of the most recent arguments that can be found on the internet (Allegedly) lol

    Which Team is everyone?

    Team Edward? or Team Jacob?

    For me it's Obvious lol TEAM EDWARD


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    Hi Everyone thats on Twilight Wiki lol

    I just have one question who is everyone's fave Character in the whole of the Twilight series?

    I think mine has to either be Bella or Edward haha


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