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Carlisle Quiz

                                    Do you really know Carlisle Cullen? Take this quiz to find out!

1. How old was Carlisle when he got turned into a vampire?
132px-Tsbd2 CARLISLE front

A. 25

B. 21

C. 23

D. 26

2. What was Carlisle's father's career?

A. doctor

B. pastor

C. lawyer

D. policeman

3. When was Carlisle born?

A. 1732

B. 1968

C. 1800

D. 1640

4. When was Carlisle changed into a vampire?

A. 1663

B. 1630

C. 1845

D. 1783

5. What color were Carlisle's eyes as a human?

A. gold

B. blue

C. green

D. brown

6. What animal did Carlisle feed off when he found out he could survive off animal blood?

A. rabbit

B. mountain lion

C. deer

D. bear

* to find the answers to this quiz go to the page : Carlisle Quiz Answers

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