This is my first blog so I hope you like it.

Twilight is a big part of my life, I started reading the book in 2008, when I was nine years old, I've read all four of the main Twilight books, I could read them in a week if I tried.

I'm gonna talk about my favourite characters, starting with Carlisle Cullen, I admire his compassion for humans, it must take immense self-control to resist human blood for 300 years, even with the Volturi.

Now one of my favourite characters, was a newborn, she was smart and did well for survival, even without having human blood for three months, you know her as Bree Tanner, she refused to fight with the newborn army in Eclipse and she surrendered to Carlisle and Esme but she was executed by Felix Volturi despite her innocence, if you follow my account on Wattpad, SpancemanLover99, I'll be publishing two stories that include Bree Tanner, I would like to see a film adaptation of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Who was your favourite character from the series and why, would you change anything in Twilight.

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