It' was a pretty normal day I just got back from hunting with Uncle Jasper and my father Edward.I was relieved to be back because I couldn't be happy unless Jacob was there.Then when I saw him I couldn't stop staring eventually I found the will to stop looking.He was more beatiful than usual, I couldn't figure out why,problaby cause I hadn't seen him in a day.The more days passed and I fell more in love with him than the day before.

So one day I went to mom to talk to her about this.I told her "Mom I think I'm love with Jacob".I would expect her to be mad,but instead she told me "Renesmee,the day you were born, Jacob imprinted on you wich ment that when as you went growing he would be protector, than brother, and when you finally came of age he would be your lover" . So that means he will return my feelings" I said shocked. She said "Yeah"

I went straight to Jacob and told him I loved him. He told me he loved me too so we started dating and after a few weeks we told our families. Mine weren't surprised but his family were a little rough around the edges because of me being a vampire but than they soon got around it.

Chapter 2 will be coming soon!

Peace, Takahata101

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