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July 28, 2010
  • Takahata101

    I was shy to go on to the next stage bacause I had no expirence in dating before. I decided to go with the bold aproach and just do it. I got him alone at my place and suddenly I kissed him. His lips were soft and I wanted to go beyond but I would not disrespect him in such a vulgar way. He kept back the way I did because he felt the same way.

    I heard someone near and I pushed him away and then started telling him that Emmett was coming to see what I was doing. Emmett came in and told me that we should go hunt because tommorow we would be sorrounded by humans at the local high school and there might be a human that might be extremely hard to resist.

    Chapter 3 Coming Soon!

    Peace, Takahata101

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  • Takahata101

    It' was a pretty normal day I just got back from hunting with Uncle Jasper and my father Edward.I was relieved to be back because I couldn't be happy unless Jacob was there.Then when I saw him I couldn't stop staring eventually I found the will to stop looking.He was more beatiful than usual, I couldn't figure out why,problaby cause I hadn't seen him in a day.The more days passed and I fell more in love with him than the day before.

    So one day I went to mom to talk to her about this.I told her "Mom I think I'm love with Jacob".I would expect her to be mad,but instead she told me "Renesmee,the day you were born, Jacob imprinted on you wich ment that when as you went growing he would be protector, than brother, and when you finally came of ag…

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  • Takahata101

    Wich Book

    July 30, 2010 by Takahata101

    Ok guys set your order of wich books are better

    1. The Short Second Life of Bree Taner
    2. New Moon
    3. Eclipse
    4. Breaking Dawn
    5. Twilight
    6. Midnight Sun
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  • Takahata101

    Vampire Vemon

    July 30, 2010 by Takahata101

    I have 1 question

    Can vampire venom kill a shape-shifter?

    Leave your creative response below!

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  • Takahata101

    Jacob a Vampire?

    July 30, 2010 by Takahata101

    Rumor has it Jacob gonna turn into a vampire to live with Renesmee.It might happen because Jacob cannot turn into a werewolve everytime.So what do people think about this?Well most people think that its a great idea because Jacob is insanely hot,if he turns into a vampire he'll be hotter than Edward,he'll stay in that body and he'll have awesome abilities.The people who think it's a bad idea say that they love werewolve Jacob and think turning into a vampire is a stupider idea than Dragonball Evolution.

    What do you think forum? Leave your creative responses below!

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