Some people loves Bella Swan, some hate her, but I really think she is a great character! From biting her lowe lip to constaly stumbling and tripping everywhere, she is adorable. I REALLY miss Twilight and I didn't want it to end but some things have to happen. Now, I'm going to tell you about hoe I'm going to contrast Bella. Yes, her human self and her vampire self.
 This is Bella Swan from the first movie Twilight. Love the picture. I like the was how the author changed her personality from the beginning to end. In the first four movies she can be described as clumsy, smart, caring, shy, sweet, self-sacrificing, angsty, and has very little self esteem. Shes adorable I can tell you for sure. Next up we have Bella from tha last movie in the series Breaking dawn Part 2. Really love the picture. Here she can be described brave, bold, smart, a little bossy at sometimes, fearless, self-possessed and still deeply, she loves her husband and daughter. Bella is a great character. To me, I like both of her personalities. Tell me what you think in the comment section!