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  • I live in New England
  • My occupation is Horse rider and volunteer, writer
  • I am Female, a fan of the supernatural , awesome, random, fun
  • TRFQueen


    October 1, 2014 by TRFQueen

    "5 aspring female directors will be chosen to make short films based on Twilight characters which will be shown exclusively on Facebook next year."

    Well, this is exciting. But, will the same actors be in them? We all know Robert Patterson doesn't like Twilight (which is putting it nicely) and he and Kristen Stewart aren't really on the best of terms, so Rob (and maybe Kristin) might not want to do another film. I am excited for the films, though. They may offer some well-needed backstories. What do you guys think? 

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  • TRFQueen

    HEEEEEEEEEEEY. I haven't really done a blog post in a while. Sorry about that. I just wanna talk about a cool show on SyFy called Face Off. Yesterday was the season premiere and the contestants were doing their first challenge to see their talent and win immunity. And lo and behold, guess who was the judge: Catherine Hardwick. So yeah, just wondering if anyone saw it last night or this morning (it's on On Demand). If you don't watch it, it's an AMAZING show. It's all about movie makeup artists competing for a chance to become "the next face in movie magic." I highly recomend it :)

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  • TRFQueen

    Merry Christmas (Eve)!

    December 24, 2012 by TRFQueen

    Hi! Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends!

    Integrity, Love, Unity. 

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  • TRFQueen

    Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

    November 25, 2012 by TRFQueen

    So today, I went w/ my cousin, my aunt and my cousin's friend to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2! It was awesome! My favorite part was when Aro laughed. He sounded like Rumplestilkstin from Once Upon a Time! I wasn't surprised when the battle scene came on, because I read spoilers (i'm very impatient), but I was still upset when Carlisle, Alec, Seth and Leah "died." So what was your favorite part about the movie?

    Integrity, Love, Unity

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  • TRFQueen

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2012 by TRFQueen

    Hey guys! I just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving! I hope you guys don't get too stuffed :P

    Integrity Love Unity

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