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"My name is Iiris. I can either be your worst nightmare or your best friend. You choose."

-Iiris to Aro in Breaking Dawn.

Iiris is an Estonian vampire. She has the talent to control a person's minds. She also has an unusual strong will, like when she was able to resist Chelsea's power.

Early Life

"I'm Estonian. Have you ever heard of that country? Estonia? No? Okay. That's fine. Whatever." -Iiris to Bella about her nationality.

Not much is known about Iiris, except that she was born in Estonia in 1298 AD and that her creator was her brother, Aleksander. She was changed in the year 1318 at the age of twenty. She stated that her brother was killed for territory and that she barely made it out with her life.

Breaking Dawn

"Am I late? Oh. Your done. Boo hoo. I missed it. So who got killed? No one? Well, I'm glad I missed it then."

-Iiris upon arriving

Iiris arrives at the end of the Volturi confrontation in Breaking Dawn, just before the Volturi departed. She was invited to join the Volturi, but she refused. She stated that she was neither with the Cullens or against them and that she just came to see a fight. She stayed with the Cullens for a while, but she soon got bored and left, stating that she was going to Greece to stay with a friend.

Physical Appearance

Iiris has long black hair always tied up in a ponytail and orange eyes. She feeds off of both animals and humans. She is tall with an average build.

Special Talents

"Listen princess. You try the hocus pocus again, and you'll get it. Get it? Got it? Good."

-Iiris to Chelsea.

Iiris has the ability to control other people's minds. She also desplays a strong will power, as shown when she was able to resist Chelsea's power.

Name Origin

Iiris is the Estonian form of Iris, which is Greek for "A play of Colors."


I want the Estonian singer, Iiris Vesik, to play her. I named this character after her.

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