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Decisions, decisions

Hey, what up? TRFQueen again. I finally found the Irish coven. They're pretty nice. They're letting me stay at their place tonight. They're out hunting right now and i am bored.

I had a run in with the Volturi today. They're getting better. I almost didn't escape! It sucks running from them. I mean, c'mon. Can't they just play fair and not use Demetri, even though he is hot, and i sorta like him...

I'm thinking of coming to america. I am sick and tired of the rain. might see a movie or two. maybe visit my old riding place. might visit the Cullen's. Renesme (sp?) is so cute ♥! i can babysit her for like $10. unless Jacob's doing it. God he's hot ♥♥♥.

So, c u l8r!

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