Sooooooo i have been telling my friend that there will be a fight in Breaking Dawn Part 2. And i have five reasons to prove it:

1. Edward vs. Felix in New Moon. Where was that in the book

2. the wolves fighting/almost fighting the Cullens in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (trailer)

3. In an interview, Michael Sheen (Aro) said that B.D part 2 will not be anti-climatic

4. In an interview, Cameron Bright (Alec) said that he did a lot of, like, action in B.D. part 2

5. Noel Fisher (Vladimir) and Guri Weinburg (Stefan) where like, reported to be using the "vampire treadmill." Either it would be a flashback or an EPIC FIGHT. But i'm thinking it would be flashback, but still. This could be evidence of an epic fight.

So who else has any "proof" that there will be a fight in B.D. part 2?

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