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Continuation of Breaking Dawn ...

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I was so glad to see the invitation card. I couldn't believe that throwing bouquet would influence their wedding like this.

They're getting married ! Edward said, excitement was colouring his tone.

Yeah ...... So early though , isn't it ? I frowned.

Not really. I mean, not earlier than ours. he chuckled .

Of course not..... I smiled But they're supposed to get married after completing their studies, I guess.

Probabely, they're getting impatient like us. he teased.

You were impatient, not me. I snorted.

Oh ! Really? he rolled his eyes, You weren't impatient to become an immortal !   

Shoot! He cornered me, no need to argue with him further. So, I tried to change the topic.

Well, I don't think we can attend their wedding, can we ? I said half heartedly.

Maybe, not. he said, showing sympathy in his voice.  I sighed, I atleast can congratulate her, right?

Sure, he said, by phone or e-mail, I mean. he added.

I know that. I half smiled, Where's Nessie? I asked.

She's with Jacob. his tone added an 'of course' at the end. I chuckled. Nessie had become very much attached with Jacob now-a-days. She even went hunting alone with Jacob. We all trusted him, especially after the departure of Voltury....

Have you noticed that Nessie's growth is slowing, day by day? Edward interrupted my thought.

Yes, it's a good sign. I said. No mother should be happy at slowing of her child's growth. But my child's case is surely exceptional.

Hope, she will stop growing someday, I mean after becoming full grown. he said, smiling.

I hope that, too. I sighed.

Where Angela and Ben are getting married, anyway? he asked.

Should it matter? I shrugged . He then took the card from my hand, Oh! They're getting married in Forks! his eyes bulged.

What? In Forks? But they're studing in Seattle now. I was surprised.

Wait, there's a note for you. he gave me the note. I unfolded it.

(     to be continued......   )

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