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The biggest achievement of Twilight Saga is, I think, to have both Twilight lovers and haters to watch the movies. The Twilight lovers and 'TWIhard' fans watch them to love the movies more and the haters do that to hate them more ! So, it's not difficult to understand what the Twilight haters are doing in this wiki.

When I first acknowledged about this page I wasn't sure whether to join it or not.... My most favourite book is and hope will always be Eclipse but the movie eclipse is surely the worst movie of Twilight Saga to me. That doesn't mean that I don't like the films of this series but if I'm asked to choose between Twilight saga movies and Twilight series books I'll prefer the books. I thought that this wikia probabely was based on the movies only but later my assumption was proven wrong... I became eager to join the wiki but my public exam was knocking at the door at that time . So, I decided to wait till my exams were finished.... and now I've got plenty of time ahead me. But unfortunately, I've joined here when the last film of  Twilight Saga had already released... That means no other new films of TWILIGHT series will release in future..... and the most tradegic part is, may be, the number of members of this wiki will start decreasing from now.....

But I'm really happy to be a part of the family now, when some other members are willing to leave it. It may seem strange that I'm joining the family when others are about to go... because I want to support it when it needs new members the most. Twilight Saga is a very popular series and the lovers along with the haters are eager to discuss, collect news and pictures about it. I knew after releasing the last film many lovers and haters would leave ... And that's why I've joined.... 'cause I didn't want to be a temporary fan, the bindings of my fondness towards the books are deep through my heart and are unbreakable........ I wanted to be a REAL Twi HARD FAN........

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