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    I was reading my biology book and suddenly a hilariuos idea peaked into my mind... Why not thinking of some Twilight diseases??? So, here they are!

    • Excessive facination towards Bella.
    • Too much sympathy for her.
    • Observing her attitudes all day.

    • Wanting to mimic Bella's personality.
    • Trying to be over nervous.

    • Watching fashion shows.
    • Digesting people's taunts.
    • Doing a lots of shopping.

    • Having too much weakness towards Edward.
    • Being totally mesmerized by him.

    • Dreaming about Edward all the nights.
    • Wanting to be with him every single moment.
    • Blabbing about him everywhere.

    There is none!

    Same as Edwardoholism. But this is caused by Jakob instead of Edward.

    • Showing too much attachment towards dogs.
    • Thinking about him all the while.

    Killing some dogs.

    • Witnessing the …

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  • Symph risley

    I was so glad to see the invitation card. I couldn't believe that throwing bouquet would influence their wedding like this.

    They're getting married ! Edward said, excitement was colouring his tone.

    Yeah ...... So early though , isn't it ? I frowned.

    Not really. I mean, not earlier than ours. he chuckled .

    Of course not..... I smiled But they're supposed to get married after completing their studies, I guess.

    Probabely, they're getting impatient like us. he teased.

    You were impatient, not me. I snorted.

    Oh ! Really? he rolled his eyes, You weren't impatient to become an immortal !   

    Shoot! He cornered me, no need to argue with him further. So, I tried to change the topic.

    Well, I don't think we can attend their wedding, can we ? I said half heartedly.

    Maybe, not…

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  • Symph risley

    The biggest achievement of Twilight Saga is, I think, to have both Twilight lovers and haters to watch the movies. The Twilight lovers and 'TWIhard' fans watch them to love the movies more and the haters do that to hate them more ! So, it's not difficult to understand what the Twilight haters are doing in this wiki.

    When I first acknowledged about this page I wasn't sure whether to join it or not.... My most favourite book is and hope will always be Eclipse but the movie eclipse is surely the worst movie of Twilight Saga to me. That doesn't mean that I don't like the films of this series but if I'm asked to choose between Twilight saga movies and Twilight series books I'll prefer the books. I thought that this wikia probabely was based on the movies o…

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