This isn't a Twilight story I'm afraid. Its just a story that came to me while listening to Shalott by Emilie Autumn. Enjoy!

Shalott gazed at the boarded up and locked window of her tower room. The room she was condemmed to until her parents found a sutible husband for her. Until that time she was stuck with her loom in this boarded up and silent room. She glided over to the window and peered through a small gap in the boards. She could see the moat from here. Reflected on the moat was the moonlight, a blury shiny circle on the dark rippling surface.

Shalott breathed a sigh of longing. This imprisionment had given her the nickname. Shalott. It was the way her personality was like the flavour of a shallott. Bitter and sweet atthe same time. She resented being imprisioned to "protect" her from the horrors of the outside world. But this protection had only left her with a yearning to feel the sun on her back and the wind on her face. The yearning was almost agognising. It was like a huge hole in her chest eating away at her.

Then Shalott had an idea. A stupid and reckless idea but an idea no less. She ran over to the small table where a small bust of a man stood. She grabbed it and ran back the window. The bust was heavy but Shalott still managed to pull it over her shoulder then bring it forward and smash the boards on the windows. A strange excitement filled Shalott as she smashed the board into splinters. Finally she smashed enough boards for her to fit through. She looked out the hole, leaning out of it. The dark water of the moat looked beautiful. Pulling off her head cover, Shalott took a deep breath, and jumped. She flew through the air, her skirt fanning around her, blonde hair shimmering in the moonlight.

Then she hit the water. Icy cold hit her from all sides. She paddeled desparately attempting to keep her head above the water. But it was no use. Her feet were intwined in the weeds at the bottom of the moat. As Shalott struggled against the pull of the weed light broke on the horizion. Sunlight. The sight of this beautiful light that she'd always wanted to see overwhelmed her. Shalott was tired of struggeling. She let herself slip below the dark water.

The next morning her body was dragged from the moat, a happy smile of sunrise still on her face.

Hope its OK

Superzomo 19:50, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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