Hey guys,

So today I went to the Brisbane Supernova - its some sort of a convention that is normally for anime and manga - But this year they threw in Jodelle Ferland (yay!) So I went to see her and she is really nice!

Our conversation was something like;

Me: Hi Jodelle, I'm Steph

Jodelle: Hello

Me: Are you enjoying Australia?

Jodelle: Yeh its great I haven't been able to see much but I like it

Me: Kool ...... (Awkward silence....)

Despite the level of awkwardness she was awesome to talk too, she also gave me an autograph (which is now framed in my room).

So bottom line... Go meet her, she is so nice! and sweet!

PS: I also met Tom Felton and that guy with a beard in avatar (sorry I can't remember your name)

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