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    Hey guys,

    So today I went to the Brisbane Supernova - its some sort of a convention that is normally for anime and manga - But this year they threw in Jodelle Ferland (yay!) So I went to see her and she is really nice!

    Our conversation was something like;

    Me: Hi Jodelle, I'm Steph

    Jodelle: Hello

    Me: Are you enjoying Australia?

    Jodelle: Yeh its great I haven't been able to see much but I like it

    Me: Kool ...... (Awkward silence....)

    Despite the level of awkwardness she was awesome to talk too, she also gave me an autograph (which is now framed in my room).

    So bottom line... Go meet her, she is so nice! and sweet!

    PS: I also met Tom Felton and that guy with a beard in avatar (sorry I can't remember your name)

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    So I imagine that after Breaking Dawn part 2 things will start to slow down, people will start leaving this wiki and Twilight will just become a book again.

    But what if Twilight were re-adapted?

    I'm quite divided on this, I think its good and bad.

    Good BAD
    More Twilight :D The plot,characters and setting could be totally messed up by the producers
    A chance to fall in love with Twilight again No more Rob, Kris and Taylor
    It would be interesting to see who they cast It just won't be the same!

    I'd like to know your opinions.

    Another question: If twilight were re-adapted could you live with out the original cast? specially Rob, Kristen and Taylor? oh and Are you open to plot and character changes?

    Please dont just say "NO" and "YES", I'd like justified ans…

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    Remember that cactus? the one Bella brought with her to Forks in the first Twilight film. Or her Laptop? where did they go? well lets see.

    Take a look at this picture and what do you see? I see the room of an average teenager. Its reasonably clean but a little bit messy, its got photo's of her friends, posters and decorations but I'm sure the prop makers put alot more effort into this room. Lets take a look. In this blog we are going to analyze the different photos, items and decorations in Bella's Room.

    The Photos:

    Number 1: Is a photo of Angela outside the lockers

    Number 2: Is a photo of Eric. He is wearing the same clothing he wore in New Moon.

    Number 3: Is a photo of Mike and Eric. It looks a bit like one of the photos on Bella'…

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    Okay so, one thing occured to me this morning while I was on the computer, Esme in some cases is short for Esmeralda.

    Now we all know that Esme's full name is Esme Anne Platt (previously Evenson) Cullen but what about her first name? Is Esme's full first name Esmeralda?

    So what do you think about Esmeralda Cullen? or do you like it as Esme Cullen?

    I guess we'll just have wait until the official twilight guide comes out unless someone knows how to email Stephenie Meyer.

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