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Skybomb333 February 7, 2012 User blog:Skybomb333


Hello to any1 or thing who is reading this!!!


but before i bore you to death i just wanna say a couple of things: I am NOT an Edward Cullen fan nor am i a vampire fan (exceptions include: Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Bree, Deigo, Fred, and * thanks to her helpfulness in Breaking Dawn* Rosalie). If you HATE Jacob, Seth or werewolves and shape-shifters all together then leave this blog page Thing now! (please.)

Anyways I am A HUGE Jacob Black AND (notice the And thing, might wanna read it :) ) A Seth Clearwater fan ( I LOVE THEM!!!!!!) But an even Bigger werewolve fan (and yes i know that they arn't really werewolves but shape-shifters but ether way i LOVE THEM!!!!) but (even though i think he is a mean little dead half life form) I have to give Edward a LITTLE simputhy (and yes I do have horrible grammer thanks for saying) I mean He is a 109 year old vamire who has always felt alone (even though he has his coven) and would seek romantic companionship all of his half-dead life. Then Bella comes in and steals his none beating nor blood filled heart. Then Jacob suddenly comes in and tries to steel Bella away from him.

If I were him I would want to rip Jacobs Heart out right then and there. but luckliy i'm not so yay!

ok thats all i have to say for now so later!

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