Im still not sure why bella chose edward

Im not sure what edward did that jacob didnt do.

Jacob clearly offered her safety love and compassion everything edward did

So in reality she was deciding do i want a Wolf or a Vampire. If she would

have just stayed with jacob she could have lived her life as a teen experienced new things stayed with

her family that she claimed to have loved so much and how hard it was to say good bye.

With edward only basic things i could see could have made her choose him. which is her daughter(breaking dawn),The fact that she dosent want to age or get old but i mean come on what woman doesnt wanna age she should just dealt with it and got botox. and last if she stays with him she dosent gain weight . Now im clear on the fact that these have nothing to do with what happend in the movie but reality is jacob was still just the better choice.Edward knew that jacob was best but it was to hard to let bella go.He could have clearly stopped her decision by leaving her and not returning.Which ONCE again was still to hard to do.Love is the killer of all desicions smhSierra Mcgee 21:44, June 30, 2010 (UTC)Sierra

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