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I bet you just hate the Razzies now, don't you?

Shido-san January 12, 2013 User blog:Shido-san

There might have been a time when The Razzies had some merit.  Then, again, maybe it takes seeing movies you loved being panned, apparently, by a whole universe of people before you realise the virtue of not throwing mud.  But seeing BDP2 (can you guess which movie I am referring to?) being panned as deserving the No.1 Raspberry award has probably done it for me.  And, I absolutely can't stand Nolan's movies.  But, I will not do, no matter how much I feel they may deserve it, this to another A-listed (or even B-listed (Is there such a thing as a C-listed) motion picture again (no matter how much of a waste of my personal time I have found it or them again.  I promise.

The fact is there are a lot of people who just do not "get" some movies.  I "got" the Twilight Saga.  Not right away, but eventually and forever.  It is about love and the things we do because of love.  It took me a while.  I didn't read any of the books, at first.  I listened to the negative slamming in random comments on the street and over the internet.  Eventually, I saw the first two movies on television.  Something happened though.  Somewhere in the second movie I managed to pay attention, and then I did get it.  Then, I picked up a used copy of the Eclipse DVD, and I was hooked.  It might have been the doing in of Victoria, I am not sure, but I became a fan of the story.

I would agree with many of the critics out there that BDP2 is the best of them all.  It gave me everything I wanted from the series and made me feel a little sad that it was over.  I can't say that for anything Nolan's put on film to date but I am nothing if I am not hopeful.

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