• Sengoko

    No More

    January 30, 2014 by Sengoko

    It seems my contribution to the images on the wiki have rattled a few people. When I tried to add a photo of Rosalie with food in her hair I got an undefined error and oddly a photo of denali at wedding appears without a specific gallery.  Can't figure that out. So I'll assume I'm not allowed to upload anymore and leave you with your screengrabs from bootleg copies and other media.

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  • Sengoko


    January 8, 2014 by Sengoko

    Firstly I do not care for Edward, Bella or Jacob.

    A lot of the galleries have images that are either taken from showbiz news or bad quality copies of movies. Hopefully these can be phased out over time. I'm relatively new to wiki so I'll be leaving editing to others for now.

    16/01/14 Almost finished nightshift for 5 months so won't be adding any other photos after Friday.  Frankly you've enough to fill out galleries with.

    Last batch were shots of them not being human.

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