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  • ScissorLuv1

    What Picture is Best?

    September 22, 2011 by ScissorLuv1

    I've been editing some Photos for my blog that best fits my Fanfic's topics. There's a photo Galley at the bootom and I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment saying which is your favorite!!

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  • ScissorLuv1

    Where am I? I thought to myself, looking around. I was lying on a hospital bed, with a bandage wrapped around my wrist, a cast on my left leg, and a gauze headband on my forehead. "I really hope she's okay", I heard Daniel say, patting my hair. "How did this happen?!", My mom said, holding my hand and squeezing hard. I opened my eyes, having Daniel, Justin, Dad, and Mom staring at me. Their eyes were filled with tears-Other than Daniel in which I think it is physically impossible for him to cry. Asking my brother mom and dad for some alone time with Daniel, I burst out in tears as soon as they closed the door. “It’s all going to be okay.” Daniel said, patting my head, trying to soothe me. One thing is for sure: This has been the most compl…

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  • ScissorLuv1

    Twilight Saga: Fixing Dusk

    September 13, 2011 by ScissorLuv1

    So... At school today I was looking at my friend's Justin Bieber Poster and on the back I thought I saw a Breaking Dawn Poster, but on the back was something about a new sequel: Fixing Dusk (or something like that)

    Please. If you have any information about this, please comment below

    Thanks :)))))

    Love you

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  • ScissorLuv1

    Kachiri Senna Zafrina*

    Eleazar*- Carmen Irina- Laurent (Struck) Kate* Sasha (Struck) Tanya Vasilii (Struck)

    Amun- Kebi Benjamin*- Tia

    Maggie* Siobhan*- Liam

    Carlisle- Esme Edward*- Bella* Jasper*- Alice* Renesmee* Rosalie- Emmett

    Aro*- Suplicia Caius- Athenodora Marcus*- Didyme (Struck)

    Alec* Chelsea- Afton* Corin* Demetri* Felix Heidi* Jane* Renata* Santiago

    Garrett James* (Struck)- Victoria* (Struck) Mary Peter- Charlotte Randall

    Alistair Charles*-Makenna

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  • ScissorLuv1

    These are some of the photos I created to take a special colalge of Renesmee :) Hope you enjoy :)

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