Part 1

I just woke up to the strangest dream. There was this girl, she had brown hair, long and silky, shimmering in the light. She had pale white skin, also shimmering in the sunlight. She was dancing to a recognizable toon, I just couldn't fathom what it was. She looked beautiful, even from behind. She was a godess. Even though I didn't know who she was, she will be mine. I quickly dressed myself for school, thinking about her. I quickly slipped on my clothes, and jotted down the stairs to get some breakfast. I was thinking so hard, I couldn't hear my mother calling me. "Edward! Edward, you have to hurry up, or you will be late! Wake up your little brother, please, and see if he'll eat." "Is he sick again?" I asked, as i gulped down the rest of my orange juice and ran downstairs. "Yes. He got a stomach virus, from his friend Liam". As I woke up my brother, and fed him some of my toaster strudel, I started to daze off again, thinking about that brown-haired godess.
When I got to school, I saw my best friend, Ben, and he asked me if I got the lab notes. As I handed it to him, out of the corner of my eye, there she was. It was that brown haired godess that i saw in my dreams. I could barely breathe, and I slammed myself into the lockers. Ben shook me ans kept asking me "Are you okay? Dude, are you okay? Whats wrong?" I felt like this hole has been punched through my chest.

To be continued.....

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