Bloody teeth
Part 3

The next day, when I went to school, my friend Mike appoached me at my locker. "I heard that that chick that you bumped into yesterday feels kinda bad for bumping into you yesterday. I heard her sister talking to her brother about it. Mike said. "I don't care." I said as my textbook fell onto the floor."I just thought that you might care after you two had your little moment in the lunchroom". Mike said as he stared at me. "Mike, would you mind getting away from me?" I said."Fine." Mike said as he dashed away. When I looked on the floor to pick up my textbook, it wasn't there. when I looked up, I saw her with my textbook in her hands. "Sorry about yesterday. I was kind of embarassed." She said as she held out my textbook. "No worries its fine." I said as she handed the textbook to me. "I'm Isabella by the way.But, you can just call me Bella."Bella said. "Hi Bella" I said as I slipped the textbook into my bag. "Did you hear that Mr.Banner is changing lab seats?" Bella said as we walked to Science.

It turns out she was right. Perfect! I have the girl of my dreams as a lab partener! "Okay lets get started!" I tuned Mr.Banner out. I could feel her staring right inside of me. She never took her eyes off of me. At the end of the class period, she shot up just like she did yesterday and quickly walked out the room. When I went outside, she was waiting for me so we can go to lunch. This time, she sat with me Jessica, Mike, Ben, Eric and Angela. "So, are you two like, an item now?" Mike asked. "Why are you so pale?" Jessica asked."You must've come from Alaska." Eric asked. "Why do you think that?" Ben asked. "Because, her skin is as white as a sheep's wool. Or in her case, snow." Mike said. "Stop it! Your making her uncomfortable.' I said as i flicked my peas at Mike. "Fine! You didnt have to bring your mashed peas into it!" Mike said as he plucked the peas off of his sweater. "I need to go." Bella said as she gathered her tray and food. "But you've barely eaten. Aren't you hungry?" "Not really.Goodbye. Nice to meet you again." She siad as she walked out the cafeteria door.

To Be Continued.........

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