Bloody teeth
Part 2

As Ben walked me to the nurse, I told him I was fine. Still, he looked at me as if he was unsure, and kept walking me to the nurse's station. "We're gonna be late for Science." I said as he pulled me into the nurse's office"Come in, dear." the old nurse said as she washed her hands. "What did you have for breakfast today?" The nurse said as I hopped upon the table."Frosted Flakes." I said sarcasticly.

When the nurse was done, I was thirty minutes late for Science. "Thanks alot, Ben." I said as I took my seat next to my friend Jessica. "Are you okay?" Jessica said as I took out my textbook. "Yes, I'm fine." I said. I turned around and saw that girl in my dreams and paused for a minute as I was searching for my pen. She had her nose in her book, looking anxious, breathing really fast. Her lab partner just stared at her with widened eyes, not bothering to ask if she was okay. The bell rang, and she sprang up so fast, her lab partner jumped. I froze there for a minute surprised, gathered up my things, and headed to lunch.

At lunch, I sat with Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike, and Lauren. Oh, great I thought as I glanced behind my table to see that girl franticly eating her fries. The lunch bell rang fifteen minutes later, and when she bolted up and almost ran for the door, she bumped into me, and I fell to the ground. My eyes opened wide. The majority of the people in the caferteria that saw what happend had eyes opened wide.She didn't fall! I thought. She looked at me with a painful look, and ran out the cafeteria door. I paused, got up, feeling alot of eyes glued to me, and walked away. "What just happened?" said Mike. "That's the girl. Thats the girl that I see in my dreams." I said. "Well, are you sure she's a girl? She has the strength of a buff football jock!" said Mike. She may be stronger than me, but she will be mine. But how? I thought as I exited the cafeteria door.

To Be Continued.................

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