January 2nd, 2011,

Dear Journal,

It feels like it's been decades since i've last seen her face. Inside i'm longing to see that beautiful godess which seemed as she only appeared in my dreams. I really wish I could bury my face in her hazel-red hair ad take a deep, 5 minut inhale. I bet it smells like roses. I just wish I could tell her how I feel about her. But it hasn't been easy for me to talk to girls. Like back in 6th grade, Bianca SesMoinse, the smartest AND prettiest girl in the class was said to have a crush on me. When I tried to make a move and put my hand on the wall and lean toward her like in one of those guys with over greased hair and white v-neck t-shirts bad-boy movies, something embarrassing happened. I slipped and my mouth landed directly onto hers. I tried to make out with her but all that came out was mounds of spit. Bianca called me a saliva filled idiot and sashayed back toward her friends. I swore that I didn't need girls and promised myself I didn't need a woman in my life with my antique collection of valuable action figures and thousands of dollars. 'But unfortunately, it's not that simple.

I slowly rolled over and closed my journal. Suddenly I relized it was morning. I glanced toward the clock. OH MY GOODNESS!I IT'S 7:00!! I got out of bed and quickly pulled on my jeans and a shirt, and put on my shoes (Couldn't find socks) and ran down the steps with right shoe on the left and left on the right. I quickly ran out the door with my bookbag and phone and keys. Guess who I got to bump into? Bella and her siblings Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Ben. Bella quickly looked up then immediatly looked down at her expensive Louis Vuitton graffiti sneakers. She quickly went around me and was followed down the street by her four siblings. I'm going to get over her, I thought even if it's the last thing I do.

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