• They have romance and anticipation and excitement
  • They have a great tale about how this girl meets a vampire and will do anything to stay with him
  • They keep you excited and wanting more everytime your at the last sentence of a page
  • They're charecters seem so real, but also not, like you can picture what the charecter is doing and why their doing it
  • They have a vampire loving and also trying not to hurt this mortal girl, a part wanting to protect her, another part wanting to drain every drop of blood in her body but learns how to restrain himself
  • A vampire family protecting a mortal girl who is taking a risk doing it
  • Lots and lots of drama
  • A love triangle between a girl and two very repellant and different creatures
  • Alot of violence and OMG moments that keeps your mouth hanging open
  • How protective and fond of Bella Edward is

Yes, I have read all of the books and I reccomend it because both my sister and I loved it. If you read the book and you have a opinion also, comment below.

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