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Breaking Dawn pg 756 Vampire Index

* Vampire Possesses A Quantifiable Supernatural Talent

- Bonded Pair (Oldest Listed First)

(Struck)- Was Killed before the begining of Breaking Dawn

The Amazon Coven

Kachiri Senna Zafrina*

The Denali Coven

Eleazar*- Carmen Irina- Laurent (Struck) Kate* Sasha (Struck) Tanya Vasilii (Struck)

The Egyptian Coven

Amun- Kebi Benjamin*- Tia

The Irish Coven

Maggie* Siobhan*- Liam

The Olympic Coven

Carlisle- Esme Edward*- Bella* Jasper*- Alice* Renesmee* Rosalie- Emmett

The Roman Coven


The Volturi Coven

Aro*- Suplicia Caius- Athenodora Marcus*- Didyme (Struck)

The Volturi Guard (Partial)

Alec* Chelsea- Afton* Corin* Demetri* Felix Heidi* Jane* Renata* Santiago

The American Nomads (Partial)

Garrett James* (Struck)- Victoria* (Struck) Mary Peter- Charlotte Randall

The European Nomads (Partial)

Alistair Charles*-Makenna

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