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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Chapter 15

    August 16, 2011 by Scarly

    Chapter 15

    Dumbassness Is Catching

    I walked across the car park, to my jeep, ignoring Gary. That boy was a serious dumbass, with a capital D. If it didn't go against my entire belief system, I'd wait until I got him alone, and drain every drop of blood out of him, so I didn't have to see him anymore. But, I know I'd never do that, no matter how much he got on my last frickin' nerve. No sooner had I opened the car door, when Nayte appeared beside me.

    "What?" I demanded, my irritation showing.

    "Could you give me a ride home?" Nayte asked.

    I tilted my head back slightly, and looked him right in the eyes, sizing him up. "What's wrong with your car?" I asked. I knew for a fact that he had a car, it was much nicer than mine, well, any car was better …

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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Chapter 14

    August 16, 2011 by Scarly

    Chapter 14

    The Piercing Stare

    Returning to Forks, I was a tad disappointed, because I knew I'd have to go back to school. Having spending that time talking to Chief Swan, and being around the people in Phoenix, and I didn't crave their blood. It was like I was almost frickin' cured, from the hell that is being undead. Well, I was still a sparkly vampire, but I wasn't pissed off about it anymore.

    Even though everything was the same, it was some how different. Like, people stared at me, but it didn't seem like before. Even when they whispered to each other, I could hear everything they said, with my vampire hearing. I just smirked it off, there's something satisfying about knowing that I could kick all their asses blindfolded. As I walked into …

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  • Scarly

    Chapter 13

    Back To The Ballet Studio

    So, I followed him. Nayte caught up with me, and tried to stop me, by grabbing hold of my arm. He let go, when I tried to bite him. I hated it when he did that, it made me so angry, because it was like he was trying to control me. Even Essence caught up with us, she didn't seem as weird as she did last night.

    "I followed the redhead, they are going to Arizona," Essence said. She tossed her pink hair over her shoulder. "I've booked us a hotel, so we can wait for them to arrive."

    "What are you talking about? I'm not going to stop following him!" I shouted.

    "I'm staying with her," Nayte told Essence.

    I resented that, because he seemed to think that I was some frail frickin' girl that needed to be protected. The …

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  • Scarly

    Chapter 12

    Relisation of Truth

    I managed to avoid being seen by the police officer, I wasn't in the frickin' mood to deal with them right now. I'd slipped back into the house, and escaped out the back. Because it was so dark, I didn't have to worry about being seen by anyone. I thought about Dad's letter, about how much he wanted me and Tori to be successful, and be happy. It was too late for Tori now, but not too late for me.

    Just outside Forks, I realised that I'd never be able to get my parents back, but I could live out my father's wish. Well, I don't think I could have children, but I could get married. I could find some way of making one of Tori's dreams come true. Maybe something in his room would give me a clue. I turned around, to se…

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  • Scarly

    Chapter 11

    The Lost Path

    Do you have any idea what it's like, to be around some dumbass that drives you crazy? I certainly do! Sometimes, I would try to run away from him, but he would always find me. Even if he couldn't follow me directly, the dumbass would telepathically communicate with me, piss me off, then follow where my response was slightly clearer from. I almost bit him, when he caught me the last time. Is it too much to ask for? All I want, is some time to myself, to get myself around the fact that I'm now the sparkly version of the undead.

    When he left to go hunt for an animal to drink their blood, I saw my window of opportunity. As soon as he was at the bottom of the mountain, I ran. I didn't look back, until was close to the outs…

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