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  • Scarly

    Puzzle Pieces

    April 4, 2012 by Scarly

    Puzzle Pieces

    In their darkest hour, all they had was each other. But not all the pieces were there...

    Their lives in Forks were far from happily ever after, when the Volturi will come to call on them again. With this knowledge, the once strong and united Cullen family are slowly falling apart.

    Alice is lost with in a vision, and Jasper won't leave her side, not even to take care of his own needs. Rosalie and Emmett have run away, tired of the drama that seems to engulf their family. Bella and Edward are facing marital problems, so they have taken a heartbroken Renesmee on a vacation to visit the Denalis.

    As the family comes together again, they realise things they have been keeping quiet for too long. Something they may never be able to re…

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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Epilogue

    December 20, 2011 by Scarly


    The Battle Above Seattle

    As I left the bowling alley, shouting a goodbye to Tommy, rain clouds began to form in the skies. Tommy's a alright guy. He usually lets me hang out in the bowling alley after it closes, I think he might suspect that I'm a vampire. I couldn't frickin' care less, if he did know, I just like talking to him, because he reminds me of my brother Tori.

    I don't for one minute regret my decision to leave Forks, I probably would have gone frickin' insane, if I had stayed there. Or probably killed Gary Stewart, and gone on a blood lust rage. It was quiet tonight, too quiet. Walking through the cold rainy streets of Seattle, I knew something was up. Some dumbass had been stalking me for three blocks. I couldn't give a c…

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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Chapter 18

    December 20, 2011 by Scarly

    Chapter 18

    Moving On

    After what Carlisle and Rosalie told me, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Prom came around, and I got suckered into going. I didn't even want to, but Katie went on and on and on about it, until I just frickin' said yes to getting a prom dress. That blew her air-headed mind, that I couldn't give a crap what it looked like. I let her pick one out, which I later regretted, she chose a maroon dress to flaunt the curves that I don't have. I'm pretty flat chested. It rested just on my knees, because according to Katie, I have great legs.

    "I'm so excited!" Katie said, as we walked across the car park.

    "Whatever," I said, boredly. The black silk gloves she'd made me wear were kinda itchy on my arms. I hated the necklace too. "I c…

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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Chapter 17

    December 17, 2011 by Scarly

    Chapter 17

    Discussion With The Doctor

    I walked around my kitchen, with a cup of blood. I'd collected some from a deer, and kept a couple of flasks in my fridge, in case I got hungry in the night. In my house, I always felt, that something wasn't right, it was just too quiet. Nothing was the same, without Mum and Dad arguing, or Tori blasting his music out. Some times, I would go into his room, and leave his stereo on, just to fill the silence. I didn't need to turn it up loud, because with my vampire hearing, even if it was on low, I would hear it as if it was louder. In the living room, I'd put one of our old home movies on the TV, just so I could hear my parent's voice. If it was possible for me to cry, I would.

    "Cody? Look at the camera.."…

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  • Scarly

    Eternal Equinox: Chapter 16

    August 18, 2011 by Scarly

    Chapter 16

    Nayte's Rage

    Whoever came up with the philosophy of loving each and every living creature, has clearly never had to do a English project with someone they despise to the degree that I despised Gary. I got suckered into frickin' working with him. Mr Mason was going on and on about some book, I don't know the details, because I was too busy mentally dressing the overweight loser in the front row, that had decided to wear a vest, that didn't quite cover all. It's not like I had to pay attention anyway, Nayte had told me that I'd probably have to repeat high school in a different town every 10 - 12 years, depending how unobservant the town locals were, so not like I needed to give a crap about graduating with honors or any thing.


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