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    Quick Twilight Quiz!

    July 1, 2012 by Scarly

    For this, you can put it on your userpage if you want, or answer in the comments. Either is ok.

    I know there has been a lot of quizes, but I'm bored, so I want to do one. But, this one is a little different. Instead of just answering your favourites, or least favourites or whatever, you have to answer really quickly, meaning say the first name to do with the question that pops into your head. Ok? Good! Lets go;

    • Pick a Cullen.
    • Pick a Denali.
    • Pick a Volturi.
    • Pick a Uley pack member.
    • Pick a Jacob pack member.
    • Pick a nomad.
    • Pick a member of the newborn army.
    • Pick a random place in Twilight.
    • Pick a human.
    • Pick a Vehicle.
    • Pick a narrator. (Bella, Edward, Jacob or Bree.)

    Ok, done that? Good, now, no cheating to get the results you want. Take each of your ans…

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  • Scarly

    Lately, there's been a lot of "______ is a way better writer than ______," "_____ sucks! ______ could write a way better book!" To be honest it's boring. In about 10 years, no one will probably care about some of the authors people are claim to be "totally awesome!" and if they are still popular then, I'll eat my words.

    Well anyway, that wasn't the purpose of this blog. Just lately, I've been reading a poems by Edgar Allen Poe, because The Raven always was my favourite of his poems, and I brought a book of his poems so I could read more of them. This guy is an amazing writer, his wife died, and even during his depression wrote some truly beautiful poems.

    So, I would like to share the poem The Raven with you all.

    Once upon a midnight dreary, w…

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  • Scarly

    Puzzle Pieces: Chapter 3

    April 5, 2012 by Scarly

    Chapter Three

    Making A Choice

    Bella wanted to say goodbye to Alice and Jasper before leaving, but she figured that they wanted to be alone for now. She was actually jealous of them. They had been married for so long, and they seemed so perfect for each other. Renesmee was refusing to come home, so Edward had to pick her up and carry her. Along their walk back to their cottage, Bella couldn't help wondering where it all went wrong.

    When they were dating, they were happy. At the wedding, everything was perfect. On their honeymoon, they were almost happy. During the pregnancy, their relationship was strained, until Edward could hear Renesmee's thoughts. Once Bella became a vampire, they were happy, for a few months.

    A pattern began to form in …

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  • Scarly

    Puzzle Pieces: Chapter 2

    April 5, 2012 by Scarly

    Chapter two

    The Changing Visions

    Alice left, to prepare lunch for Renesmee. Much to the spoilt child's chagrin, today she had to eat human food. Alice flicked through the cookbook, looking for something that didn't seem complicated to make, but was also quick to cook. She wanted to return down stairs, in case she had another vision, then she could tell everyone right away. Alice's whole body tensed, as her mind filled with yet another vision.

    She was running down a dark street, in pursue of someone. The person screamed, as she lunged towards them, but they slipped away. It made her angry that this person was so fast, but she wouldn't give up getting them. That was part of the chase. A part of her wished that this one wouldn't survive, so s…

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  • Scarly

    Puzzle Pieces: Chapter 1

    April 4, 2012 by Scarly

    Chapter One

    A Strange Occurrence

    In the tall marble throne room, of the Volturi, the three leaders Aro, Cauis and Marcus sat on their thrones, watching a crowd of, in their opinion, pitiful humans beg for their lives, as their guards drained them of their life blood. A crowd of 20, had been reduced to 0, as the last bloodless body was released from Jane's grasp. Aro looked at them with disappointment. He wished for some to live, but of course, the lust for blood was too strong. He couldn't blame them for that. If he were offered a feast, and were asked to let one live, he wouldn't be able to find the strength to let them go. Jane, Alec and Felix stood before them, as they regained their composure.

    "I'm sorry, Lord Aro, we have failed," Ale…

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