Puzzle Pieces

In their darkest hour, all they had was each other. But not all the pieces were there...

Their lives in Forks were far from happily ever after, when the Volturi will come to call on them again. With this knowledge, the once strong and united Cullen family are slowly falling apart.

Alice is lost with in a vision, and Jasper won't leave her side, not even to take care of his own needs. Rosalie and Emmett have run away, tired of the drama that seems to engulf their family. Bella and Edward are facing marital problems, so they have taken a heartbroken Renesmee on a vacation to visit the Denalis.

As the family comes together again, they realise things they have been keeping quiet for too long. Something they may never be able to recover from.

Can Carlisle and Esme reunite them, or are they doomed to fall when the Volturi finally arrive?

I decided with a little encouragement form Dee, to post my fanfic on here too. I'll probably post one or two chapters per day, because there's already 8 chapters on Fanfiction.Net. If you absolutely can't wait, then there is a link to it, in that sentence under the chapter title.

Pairings: Carlisle/Esme, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett, Bella/Edward *gags*, mentioned Leah/Jacob.

Extra Notes: There are some deleted scenes, that I wrote and loved, but didn't add to the story. One's an alt scene. When I reach 25 reviews on Fanfiction.Net, and catch up with the amount of chapters posted on here that are on, I'll add them to this blog to celebrate! :D


  1. Strange Occurrence
  2. The Changing Visions
  3. Making A Choice

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