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Eternal Equinox: Preface

Scarly May 29, 2011 User blog:Scarly

eternal equinox


To live eternity forgetting about the past, or get revenge to go on to those later centuries in peace... I think I would choose the revenge part. Somethings can't be forgiven. In some cases, a eye for an eye.

I don't regret tracking him to Arizona, I had to get my revenge, the asshole deserved it. I held my knife in my hand, I was going to stab it right in that dumbass' gut. Not that he'd feel it, I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing that I came close to doing what he did to me. I'd come alone, leaving Nayte back at the hotel.

I stood on the higher balcony above the ballet studio, watching him toy with Bella Swan, like a cat toys with a mouse before they go in for the kill. I smirked, as I crouched, ready to leap over the balcony rail. I was going to wait until he was done, let the bliss of his little kill to settle in, then rip that dumbass apart.

'Cody... don't do this..' I heard in my head. It was a boy's voice, one I was so familiar with.

'I have to!' I yelled, in my head.

'It'll do you no good, you know that,' the voice told me.

I chose to ignore it, I didn't want him to talk me out of it. He talked me out of getting my revenge just outside Forks. This all would have been over, but now, I had to wait for the asshole to finish toying with her. A window shattered near me, out of reflex, I held my arms in front of my face, to shield it from the glass shards.

I hissed at the shadowed figure angrily, I hadn't planned that he would have back up. I was out numbered, or so I frickin' thought. The shadowed figure jumped off the balcony, he attacked my enemy, denying me the pleasure of finishing him off.

I jumped out of the window, landing in the street outside. A car swerved to miss me, not that it would have made a difference. I'd have tore the engine straight out of the tin death trap.

"I knew you wouldn't do it."

I glanced up at the rooftop of a bakery across the street, I saw a pale boy sat a top, he was looking back at me.

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