eternal equinox

"Of three things I'm absolutely certain. 1, Gary was a dumbass. 2, Being around him was complete torture. Every time I heard his voice, I just wanted to punch him. 3, Even though I despised him, he was the only person that didn't expect me to be someone else."

Things weren't great in Napa, California, where Cody grew up. She wasn't ecstatically happy, when she found that she was moving to Forks, Washington. Things start to take a dark turn, and she has no idea what's real anymore. All she knows, is there is someone intent on trying to kill her, and some how the mysterious student Nayte Layre can always talk to her, even when he's not around. By the time she finds out the truth, it's too late. Can things ever be the same again?

When things almost make sense, enter Gary Stewart. She's met her match with him, and despises him more and more with every passing moment. But, he's the only person in her world that doesn't expect her to change who she is.

Character information here.

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