With out going into to many details, something happened in my life, that seriously makes me want to break down and cry. I need a distraction, so I'm offering you, my Twilight Wiki friends some drabbles about your fave characters. It helps keep me distracted to write something. (So ask alll you want.)

Ok, this is how it works; mention the character and what kind of drabble you want in a comment. Like for example; "Jalice, of them working on their friendship before they fell in love." Then, I write a drabble about that. You don't have to go into detail, it could even be "Rosalie and Bella arguing." Or anything at all. Even your fave pairing the word 'romance.' Doesn't bother me.

But, please don't ask for Jacob and Re-name-me Renesmee or Quil and Claire pairings, because for personal reasons, I just can't write them. I will automatically say no. Sorry.

So, request away. I'll put your drabble in a reply to your comment.

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