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Why I'm boycotting Twilight...

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Disclaimer: This blog isn't meant to offend the users on the Wiki. I apologize in advance if some users are.

I was a huge Twi-hard after I first saw the Twilight movie. I read the books multiple times, saw the movies, multiple times but now Twilight isn't much of my interest anymore. Why? Where should I begin? Stephenie's writing and characterizations are absolutely horrid (save for the wolf pack and Denalis). Bella is too selfish, obsessive and flat and Edward is a controlling, abusive, sparkling POS. The only interesting characters, in complete and absolute honesty, are the wolf pack and the Denali coven. Everyone else just kind of drags the story down. None of this means that I won't be seeing Breaking Dawn, Part 2 when it comes out, though.

I understand if you think I've turned rogue into a hater that will just start vandalizing the Wiki; I'm happy to report that is not the case. I'll still be hanging around of course and helping out on the Wiki, but I'll mostly be on chat. As far as editing is concerned, you can find me on The Hunger Games Wiki, One Tree Hill Wiki, James Cameron's Titanic Wiki, and Vampire Academy Series Wiki.

Best regards,

Love and Lust 22:41, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

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